Span Shade Kit


Shade Installers why not take the complications out and confidently deliver strong reliable shade solutions to your customers with a Span Shade Kit.

Building a Span shade is easy when using a kit. Just tell us the finished size you plan to build the structure and we'll supply the rest. Simple. The choice is yours. A kit can be FITTINGS ONLY with knuckles and elbows which allows you to source the steel tube and fabric for the structure. Alternatively choose a COMPLETE KIT with all fittings, posts and fabric.

Fittings come in 3 sizes - standard, heavy duty and mega. Build up to 200sm structures on four posts or link structures together using Double Joiners. To make fabrication and installation easier use the set CHS tube sizes for Knuckles and Elbows. Only 3 sizes of CHS tube are used. Outside diameters for the steel tubes are 76 x 2.3mm, 114 x 4.5mm and 219 x 6.4mm.

Span shade structures have been tested in the toughest environments and are engineered. Shade Fittings recommends site specifc engineering for all Span Shade structures. Talk to us about your needs. We have a solution that will work.



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