About Shade Fittings and Bollards

Our aim is to supply shade sail fittings at unbeatable prices and  offer a wide range of quality stainless steel to make shade sail installation a breeze.

Product Categories

Our product categories are Steel Fittings, Tracks, Span Shades and Bollards and Kits. At Shade Fittings premium 316 marine grade stainless steel fittings is standard. We carry a broad product range of sail fittings. There may be more than one product or sized product that will achieve what you need. So if the exact product is not in stock there's sure to be another that will perform just as well. The simple to view table format will suggest options.

If something is not in the range let our friendly Customer Service Team know and we'll source it.

Product Availability

Most products are available for immediate delivery to customers. As you shop you will be informed if items are in stock, on request or made to order. We don't take back-orders and so we won't be billing you for something that's not in stock.Some products are made to your specifications, such as span shade kits. Please allow a little time while we process custom orders.


Shade Fittings sells stainless steel and steel components used in shade structure installation. We offer  unbeatable prices and  a wide range. From a tiny thimble to a mega span shade kit there will be a product to meet your shade needs no matter how large or small.


Register today for our best prices. We supply to trade, general business and the public.


For installers contact us to learn how span shade kits will transform how you build shade structures. 


We dispatch Australia wide from our Sydney premises.


Shade Fittings is a trading arm  of Hytech Plastics Pty Ltd. Hytech Plastics is a respected leader in the field of shade structures having commenced operations in Sydney in 1983.  During this time we have built a strong reputation backed by service, quality and fair business practices. We are shade sail specialists.  

Hytech Plastics Pty Ltd is an accredited member of the Specialised Textile Association of Australia.