Track System

A track provides an edge for a sail to slide into. The sail is edged with a spline or keder to enable the sail to slide smoothly into the track. Tracks can be fitted onto a wall or a beam. The tracks are extruded straight but are flexible to enable shaping into a straight or curved line. Precise radii can be achieved with bending on request.

Tracks are made of aluminium and come in a natural mill or a white finish.Pick up only.

Aluminium track systems are used for larger shade sail structures.  Various heavy duty profiles include single, double and pelmeted tracks. Sold in 6.5m lengths. Pick up only.

Track brochure

Item Code Height Length Width Price Qty
Fish Eye Track 323 47 6500 62 $340.47 Ex Tax: $340.47
Double Track 484 35 6500 92 $350.30 Ex Tax: $350.30
12mm Flat Track 324 25 6500 92 $320.01 Ex Tax: $320.01
16mm Flat Track 325 35 6500 124 $617.90 Ex Tax: $617.90

Heavy profile general purpose track for shade sails. Fitted to walls or steel beams the sail slides through the track. Sold in 6.5m lengths. Can be cut to size.Pick up only.

Item Code Height Length Width Price Qty
HD Annex Track HDAT 15 6500 40 $58.44 Ex Tax: $58.44
Double Annex Track DBAT 12 6500 27 $40.00 Ex Tax: $40.00

Accessories used with tracks.Top Hat Brackets, Joiners and Angles.

Item Code Height Length Width Price Qty
Joiner Joiner Track 4 200 25 $17.00 Ex Tax: $17.00
Bracket Top Hat Bracket 56 141 40 $17.00 Ex Tax: $17.00