You may find the answers you seek in the following replies to frequesntly asked questions. If your queries are not resolved here please contact the office with your specific queries 9am - 4pm  Monday to Friday and  we will gladly assist you.


1. Do you sell in small quantity for the DIY market?

Yes. The public is very welcome to take advantage of wholesale prices on small order quantities that this site offers on stainless steel fittings.


2. Why should I open an online account?

Online account customers receive discounted buying prices than non account customers. 

Accounts are useful if you're considering ongoing purchases from SHADE FITTINGS. DIY, Builders and Installers are eligible for discounted rates once an account is approved. In addition buying history can be tracked. Your details and past purchases can be saved to simplify and speed up re-ordering. You can also access invoices at any time.  

Set up your account before you start shopping so that as soon as your're ready to shop your account will be clear and raedy to use. You will then be eligible to shop at a discounted rates on goods. Online accounts may take up to 48hours to be approved so set your account up soon. 

Everyone is eligible for discounted prices.




3. What happens if I order out of stock items?

We service industry and try to keep stocks of stainless steel fittings. However occassionally we may run out of a product temporarily.We will inform you of any out of stock items. You can see stock levels while you shop. If stock levels are below your order you may wish to adjust your order to stock levels or consider alternate sizes or products. If you attempt to order a quantity below our stock levels you won't be able to progress to checkout and will be prompted to alter your order quantity. This ensures you don't pay for out of stock items.

Dispatch of your order will not be delayed because an item is out of stock. You will be advised if any part of your order is temporarily out of stock. You can then choose to modify your order based on quantity available. You will not be charged for out of stock items. Dispatch can then proceed on checkout and payment.

Certain items such as bollards and shade kits are made to order. Your patience is appreciated while these items are fabricated.


4. How do I know if your products are bsp;good quality?

We pride ourselves on selling only quality products which will last and work effectively. Where possible load limits, product specifications and testing standards applicable are noted on product information where ever possiblen. Capacities when known are advised in the information page for the individual product. We stock premium marine 316 grade stainless steel as our standard.We recommend 316 grade be used in shade structures to obtain the best results. When 304 grade is offerred it will be identified as such.

The parent company Hytech Plastics Pty Ltd has been trading for 40 years. Customer care, quality, good prices and after sales service are the cornerstones of staying in business this long.


5. What is your returns policy?

Return of damaged goods needs to take place within seven days of purchase. Let us know as soon as possible if you believe goods to be faulty and to be returned. You are asked to return goods for inspection to 14 Pullman Place, Emu Plains, NSW 2750. This allows us to confirm the exact fault and make future product improvements as needed. We will not cover return freight or original freight. If confirmed as faulty, goods will be exchanged. You will receive written notification that an exchange will occur if goods are found to be faulty. Depending on the outcome, return freight may be waived. If goods are found not to be faulty return freight will apply and chargeable to the customer or goods may be picked-up from our depot. The company will not return goods unless freight has been arranged and paid.

There is no exchange or refund for goods not found to be faulty, change of mind or goods purchased in excess of requirements.


6. Is your e-shop payment system secure?

Our payment methods are secure and information you supply is not shared or sold to third parties. Credit card details are only stored with your authorisation when you open an on-line account. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.


 7. How do I know you will supply what I pay for?

When you order you receive a receipt so you have a record of what you've purchased.  

Your goods are dispatched through a reputable transport company.

Shade Sail Fittings is a trading arm of Hytech Plastics Pty Ltd which has been operating or 40 years with the same business structure and ownership. We want to stay in business for another 40 years and stand by our products with service, quality and fair business practises.

Hytech Plastics is an accredited member of the Specialised Textile Association of Australia. 


8. Do you sell outside Sydney?

Yes we do. We freight throughout Australia. International enquiries are welcome and air or sea freight can be arranged.


 9. I want more information about a shade sail fitting.

Please fill in the enquiry sheet at the bottom of each product information and we will do our best to answer your query.


10. Can I open a 30 day trading account?

Our payment terms are "Payment with Order". Orders will not be dispatched without payment. 30 day trading accounts  are not available for on-line transactions.


11. Tips for installing a shade sail for my home?

Installing a DIY sail can be very satisfying. There are a many online instructional sites offering installation guidance. Here are a  few tips to avoid common problems;

Use Quality materials

Use quality  shadecloth, posts and steel fittings for best results.

Remember sails have curved sides

Shade sails are designed to have curved sides for appearance and strength. Curved sides provides the tension that forces its sides to pull tight and withstand movement. When tensioned correctly and on a slope sails  shed water hail and wind. 

Don't undersestimate.

Don't underestimate your shade needs. Bigger is often better if space allows. The sun's daily and seasonal movements  change shade available under a sail. A larger sail will have wider shade more often.


Shallow footings can result in inward leaning posts or failed posts ruining the sail.  Deep excavations ensure a secure sail. Be mindful of underground services and use Dial B4 You Dig or private searches to identify underground services.


Undersize posts bend and do not support sails making the sail loose.  This is important in windy conditions as a loose sail can't dissipate wind effectively and will only get worse. 


Like house roof lines sails cannot be built flat.  A waterproof sail connected only to posts for tension can have up to a 22 degree slope for water shedding. Sails with internal frames or shadecloth sails do not require as much pitch. Water and hail can easily collect on a sail with little pitch or tension.

Fixing points

Fix to a secure points. Eaves and fence posts are rarely secure or strong for a sail. They do not offer load resistance in strong winds. Secure independent foundations made specifically for the structure are best. Buildings can be good fixing points. Avoid securing to a single brick in order to spread the load. Find strength behind rendered walls and eaves as these are claddings and not structural attachment points. You may also wish to consider using tracks to spread the load.


When measuring to order a new shade sail size allow for the length of fittings.

Sail installation can be very satisfying and save you a lot of money when done correctly. By understanding the basics of how sails work and following sensible building practises you can install a sail that looks like it was installed  by a professional. If you're not confident to install consider using a professional shade sail installer. There are many excellent installers around Australia.  The Specialised Textiles Association on  03 9521 2114 or on their web site offers the names of local installers in your area.


 11. I want to learn more about the Span Shade Knuckle System?

Span shade are sold to installers and builders familiar with building technique.  Span shade structures up to 60m do not require building experience and guidance can be offerred to Span Shade kit purchasers.

Span shade knuckles streamline the installation of shade structures. Basically there are three sizes - standard, heavy duty and mega. The largest Span shade on 4 posts can reach 200sm. They are practical and extremely strong. Extensions are possible as bays can be linked together for infinite length. Engineering and ongoing support are offered to installers. See our on-line brochures for more.


12. How strong is a Span Shade Structure?

Very. Span Shades are supported with overhead steel framework and diagonal bracing. The additional steel framework makes for a very rigid base. When built according to engineering specifications Span Shades are incredibly strong and conform to the Australian Building Code. They are engineered to withstand prevailing wind loads or more and can be customised for your location and your requirements.

Span Shades withstand cyclones at the top end of Australia. Our installers as far north as Cairns in Queensland have had excellent results in extreme weather conditions and advise that their Span Shade customers demand nothing less.